Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Paypal, Censorship
and Sexual Titillation

I have a question. Just what is wrong with sexual titillation?

From what I understand, the current ban goes against the erotica genre, and erotica by definition sexually arouses.

So, while it is okay to include rape, bestiality and incest in a slasher murder book, where the characters get slaughtered, apparently making people depressed and grossed out is fine – but getting a little turned on is bad?

I don’t get it. When I get turned on, I seduce my husband, which he seems to like and is good for our marriage.

But if I get depressed, I just might knock him over the head with the toaster if he pisses me off.

So depressed is good, turned on is bad?

And folks, it is possible to write steaming and not sick erotica using those topics.

Take rape. Okay, we will all admit that rape is bad thing. But we are talking fiction here. Women have rape fantasies. Typically those fantasies involve hunky looking men who force us to experience the forbidden pleasure that society tells us is bad.

But we flipping know it is FICTION, a fantasy. We aren’t asking to get raped in the parking lot by some smuck. Let us have our fiction!!!

As for bestiality – I imagine those shape shifters that are so popular now might get a little horny. And really folks, as I said, it is FICTION.

And for the incest, what harm is a book where consenting adults get it on? While I admit the father daughter, and even a step-father daughter thing grosses me out, but what is the big frick’n deal with non-blood relatives or even cousins? Many cousins marry. Heck, I had a great-uncle who married his aunt!

I don’t understand a society that defends the purchase of assault rifles, in spite of the tragic school shootings – yet feel it is okay to ban fiction that might turn someone on and spice up the sex life.

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