Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I've released my western series, Hannah's Guardian. Currently, it is only available at Amazon. I wanted to experiment with KDP's Select program, which allows me to offer any of the books free for up to five days, within the 90 days of the program. The only book I intend to offer free is the first of the series - Hannah's Guardian, Runaway - so if you picked up the first book and are waiting for the others to go free - at this time I'm not planning to offer book 2 and 3 as freebees.

Today is the last day of the free promotion, you'll want to click HERE to grab the free eBook before the day's end.

Click here to get book two, Outlaw

Click her to get book three, Homebound

Hope you enjoy the story!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hot or Disturbing?

This past week I did my first free promotion on Amazon, giving away His Obsession, Her Submission.

I looked over on the Amazon UK site and noticed they listed four reviews. Three of them were four-star, and one was a two-star.

I wasn’t really upset that the reader disliked the story – and that she found some elements of the story especially uncomfortable.

I don’t know about other erotica authors, but the focus of my stories isn’t necessarily to get the reader hot. I want to make readers think – push their limits, make them ask questions about their own sexuality and what they find uncomfortable.

I’ve even had a few readers say they really enjoyed a specific story – yet point out it was a bit lacking in the erotica. The Raperbeast series was a bit like that.  When writing that story, my intent was not to get the reader all worked up over the idea of having sex with the raperbeast – the story was really about the manipulation of women, and exploiting their fears.

When you read my stories – don’t assume I think the characters’ actions are necessarily acceptable.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Free Erotica - Free eBook - Today and Friday!

It was a great summer, and you might have noticed, I wasn't around much. Just too much fun stuff to do outdoors. Of course, it is always summer in Hawaii!

But I am back to work - and I have a new book that I decided to put on Amazon's Select program. I was curious how giving away free books help a writer. Consider this an experiment.

If you click on the book cover, you can go to Amazon and order His Obsession, Her Submission Free today and Friday.

What is the story about?

Since high school, wealthy, powerful Daniel Stoddard’s one obsession was to possess Kristy Collins as his submissive. He now has the power to take what he wants.

When Kristy goes to her high school reunion, she expects to see geeky Danny Stoddard – the brainy kid with severe acne, who looked years younger than his classmates. While she knew he was now successful and rich, she had no idea he had grown into an incredibly handsome and sexy man, who isn’t shy about taking what he wants. What he wants is Kristy.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Breeding Erotica

Breeding Stock is one of my newer stories. It is a fanciful historic erotica, where our lovely young virgin is taken by pirates and sold on the auction block, to be used as breeding stock.

Such a sweet and naughty tale.

Remember, you can find my eBooks at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords - along with a variety of other eBook sites, such as Sony and iTune.

If you find one, yet not all of my eBooks at your eBook vendor's site, chances are my other books are on the way, and will be there soon.

Happy reading!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Top 100 Erotica at Amazon

I am proud to say my story, Breeding the Princess has made the top 100 list under erotica over at Amazon - in Books and the Kindle Store.

I've three reviews, all over the place. Two four stars, and one one star.

It was interesting, because one of the four star reviews and the one star both came from reviewers familiar with my work, and who've given me favorable reviews. The one star pretty much thought the story sucked, while the four star claimed to love the story and characters.

The other four star was rather interesting. She pointed out there were a few minor errors in the story. She wrote " none of them amounted to more than minor annoyances." Well, I do apologize for those errors. This morning I reedited the book and just finished reloading the files on the various sites. The new file is already on Smashwords, yet will probably take 24 hours before it shows up on Barnes and Noble and Amazon. It usually takes a week or so before the other sites get the corrected file.

The reviewer which pointed out the errors, called it a "Surprisingly Sweet" story and wrote "Overall this is an enjoyable read, which is somewhere between erotica and erotic romance. It has less sex and more tenderness than most erotica, despite the harsh premise of the story."

But the reviewer also noted that if she had the ability, she would have docked the score 1/2 star for the minor errors, and the fact she felt the description was misleading. She also considered the ending rushed, whereas the other four star review didn't feel the ending was rushed.

I would like my reviewers to know I really appreciate your honest reviews - even those that take me to task. And I understand not all stories will appeal to all readers. If just one reader loves my story, I am tickled. Of course, there is no excuse to let the errors stand, so I do apologize for those, and hope I caught them all.

Thanks! Maggie

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Love Me or Hate Me

In my last post I discussed how a reviewer loved my story, Masked. Sadly, the same reviewer rather hated my newest (and most popular) story, Breeding the Princess.

Tasty Cake wrote, "this was a really stupid dull story this was a waste of money the ending was awful this was one of the worst books ive read in a while"     Ouch.

I might be feeling really awful about now, except for an earlier reviewer I received from  MidnightAtticReader, who wrote: "An imaginative short story with a sweet ending. I loved the characters! The idea for this story could have been used for a much longer, full-length story, but I felt the story was nicely encapsulated as it is, without feeling rushed. Nice quick read." 

I would like to point out, I do not know these two reviewers, nor have I ever contacted them, other than mentioning them on this blog. Both have reviewed more than one of my stories.

My feelings aren't hurt nor am I annoyed with Tasty Cake, because I totally get how my stories will not appeal to all readers. I think this is especially true with erotica.

I have a friend who reads my stories - yet I try to guide her to specific titles, that I think she will like. She happened to love Breeding the Princess, yet I am fairly sure she would hate The Bargain - which happened to receive a five star over on Goodreads. Also from a reviewer who I do not know personally, nor have ever contacted.

Remember - you can find my most recent titles at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. Smashwords distributes them to other eBook venders, such as Sony and Apple, yet there is often a lag.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Recent Reader Reviews

This morning I discovered a very flattering 5 star review for one of my recent releases, Masked.

The reviewer wrote: this was a hot sexy read I am so tired about reading about girls losing their virginity than turning into sluts but not this girl she was a little confused about her life but she changed and she found love. i really liked this if i could give it 10 stars i would.

Her handle (assuming it is a female) is “tasty cake.” It sounded familiar, so I looked at some of her other reviews, and realized she reviewed one of my other books, Carter’s Niece, also leaving a 5 star. I was very flattered.

 Before my head got too big, I came across a recent one star review for my book Master’s Virgin Slut.

That reviewer wrote: Short tale about a girl who becomes a sex slave. First, I don't like BDSM books. However, I do enjoy a little bit of force and seduction in my romance tales. Well, there is nothing romantic or even sexy about this one. And I wouldn't really classify this as erotica either because the sex just wasn't that good.

I’m not too upset. I totally get how a reader looking for a romantic sexy tale would be unsatisfied with Master’s Virgin Slut. Some of my stories are heavier on the romance than others. Those who don’t get their buttons pushed with total submission and humiliation should avoid Master’s Virgin Slut. My stories with more romance include: Breeding Jenna, Breeding the Princess, While She Slept, The Widow and One Time Call Girl – to mention a few.