Thursday, April 26, 2012

Recent Reader Reviews

This morning I discovered a very flattering 5 star review for one of my recent releases, Masked.

The reviewer wrote: this was a hot sexy read I am so tired about reading about girls losing their virginity than turning into sluts but not this girl she was a little confused about her life but she changed and she found love. i really liked this if i could give it 10 stars i would.

Her handle (assuming it is a female) is “tasty cake.” It sounded familiar, so I looked at some of her other reviews, and realized she reviewed one of my other books, Carter’s Niece, also leaving a 5 star. I was very flattered.

 Before my head got too big, I came across a recent one star review for my book Master’s Virgin Slut.

That reviewer wrote: Short tale about a girl who becomes a sex slave. First, I don't like BDSM books. However, I do enjoy a little bit of force and seduction in my romance tales. Well, there is nothing romantic or even sexy about this one. And I wouldn't really classify this as erotica either because the sex just wasn't that good.

I’m not too upset. I totally get how a reader looking for a romantic sexy tale would be unsatisfied with Master’s Virgin Slut. Some of my stories are heavier on the romance than others. Those who don’t get their buttons pushed with total submission and humiliation should avoid Master’s Virgin Slut. My stories with more romance include: Breeding Jenna, Breeding the Princess, While She Slept, The Widow and One Time Call Girl – to mention a few.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Breeding Jenna

It is interesting how some stories just take off like wildfire. This past weekend I released my newest book, Breeding Jenna. It is an erotic tale of a man determined to force his stepsister to marry him.

It is selling well at Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes and Noble - selling immediately after it hit the cyber bookshelves.

Unlike some of my darker - more brutal tales - this one is bittersweet.

The story begins after the Civil War. James hates his stepfather, Ben Parker, and for good reason - but after James' mother dies, Parker needs his stepson's help, and persuades him to stay by offering up the ranch.

Years pass - the stepfather dies - yet the old man double crosses his stepson, and leaves the ranch to James' stepsister, Jenna Parker.

One way James can get the ranch is to marry Jenna, but she is not cooperative. James then decides he'll force the issue by putting a baby in her belly - which he is determined to do, even if he has to tie her up.

Look for Breeding Jenna at your eBook store. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vampire Sex

Some writers experience writer's block - I get creative overload. I walked away from my western to complete the Barhaven's Vampire Trilogy, which has been haunting my psyche for some time.

The trilogy is available in eBook format. They are all available at Smashwords. You will find the first two in the series at Amazon, with the third popping up by tomorrow. I've published all three at Barnes and Noble, yet none are yet showing up.  Other eBook venues, such as Apple, should get the books in a few weeks, because I use Smashwords distribution for those sites.

Begin with Seduction, which tells the story of Caroline Barhaven who returns to her family home, only to discover she is hunted by two vampires - for  two different reasons.

The second of the series is Lust, which tells of Caroline's dark journey of sexual adventure - where pleasure and pain becomes one.

The final book in the series is Surrender, where Caroline learns to master her new gifts, while surrendering to her new life as a Creature of Lust.

The story won't end there. I am planning a fourth book, which is not part of the trilogy, but tells the story of the Demon Victor and Vampire Seri.

For all you erotic vampire fans out there, I hope you enjoy the books!