Saturday, February 25, 2012

Time for a Confession

With Smashwords caving to Paypal’s censorship, I have decided to come out of the closet – so to speak.

I take my first amendment rights very seriously, and I don’t feel comfortable discussing such a vital subject while draped in a fog of fiction.

First, Sam is my husband, not my boyfriend. Actually, he has been my husband for many, many, many years. Yet that doesn’t sound near as sexy as a boyfriend. Most of the other Sam stuff is pretty much the truth, only the names have been changed to protect the innocent – and not so innocent.

Another fiction – I don’t have a brother or stepbrother. My blog post on the subject was an extension of my fiction.

I’ve done a lot of thinking about my erotica, and the Paypal lockdown. I’ve temporarily removed some of my stories from Smashwords, as they fall in a gray area.

Erotica by definition is art that arouses. I can’t imagine the courts ever deeming my stories pornography, as I pride myself on plot and character development. Yet, there will always be people out there that would call it pornography.

Since the Paypal decree, I’ve been surfing the blogs, reading what other erotica writers have to say on the subject. I was startled at how so many of them expressed feelings I didn’t even know I had.

I don’t just write erotica – yet of all my writing, I believe writing erotica has taught me the most about myself, and the world around me. It is a safe haven where I can explore my deepest fears and desires.

Those closest to me know I write erotica, yet I only share my pen name with my husband and a few other people, and he is the only one of my circle who is allowed to read my stories. One friend asked for my erotica pen name, and I told her I believed I am a more open, freer writer when I don’t have to worry about those around me judging my writing, yet that doesn’t mean they aren’t fully aware of what I am up to.

With each story I write, I discover something new about myself, through the thoughts and experiences of my characters.

Writing erotica has also punched up our sex life - seriously. My husband is a VERY happy man these days, and I am a very satisfied woman. For women, sex starts in the head, and writing erotic doesn't just get my creative juices flowing.

I totally disagree with Rick Santorum that sex is all about procreation. If that were true, God would fix it so women would loose their ability to have orgasms after they go through the change. Trust me Rick, that ain't so. A healthy and active sex life helps foster a more solid and closer relationship between spouses - of any gender.

I hope the other players, like Amazon, don’t follow Paypal’s lead. I’d be all for an adult section at Amazon, to keep explicit covers from young readers. Yet, other than a separate section, I am opposed to censorship.

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