Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Saving Summer
Edited by PayPal

Yesterday, I published my most recent eBook – Saving Summer. I will confess, the writing of this story was influenced by PayPal’s recent censoring of erotica. I made a business decision, to keep the book out of banned territory, so I could publish it at Smashwords.

It rather pisses me off that I have to consider PayPal’s demands when writing a story.

Saving Summer is about a woman who is kidnapped by slave traders.

Actually, I started the story long before the PayPal situation. But, I did a significant rewrite, taking the story in another direction. Had the story been finished prior to the censorship fiasco, it would have contained some rape scenes. Does that make me a despicable person? Yes, the slave trade is a horrible industry – and in this story, those bad guys are dealt with.

But the fact is, women do have rape fantasies. It doesn’t mean women actually want to get raped, or condone RL rape. Some psychologists suggest that the rape fantasy is one way women deal with sex and guilt, after all, if someone takes control and forces you to like it, you have relinquished your responsibility.

Whatever the reason, it is a harmless mental fantasy, and many women enjoy reading erotic stories about such things. Of course, PayPal apparently knows what is best for us women.

Aren’t we lucky they care so much about us?

UPDATE: PayPal did some soul searching, and decided not to play censor. Thank you PayPal. I've since republished the books at Smashwords, that I removed because of the censorship.

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