Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hot or Disturbing?

This past week I did my first free promotion on Amazon, giving away His Obsession, Her Submission.

I looked over on the Amazon UK site and noticed they listed four reviews. Three of them were four-star, and one was a two-star.

I wasn’t really upset that the reader disliked the story – and that she found some elements of the story especially uncomfortable.

I don’t know about other erotica authors, but the focus of my stories isn’t necessarily to get the reader hot. I want to make readers think – push their limits, make them ask questions about their own sexuality and what they find uncomfortable.

I’ve even had a few readers say they really enjoyed a specific story – yet point out it was a bit lacking in the erotica. The Raperbeast series was a bit like that.  When writing that story, my intent was not to get the reader all worked up over the idea of having sex with the raperbeast – the story was really about the manipulation of women, and exploiting their fears.

When you read my stories – don’t assume I think the characters’ actions are necessarily acceptable.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Free Erotica - Free eBook - Today and Friday!

It was a great summer, and you might have noticed, I wasn't around much. Just too much fun stuff to do outdoors. Of course, it is always summer in Hawaii!

But I am back to work - and I have a new book that I decided to put on Amazon's Select program. I was curious how giving away free books help a writer. Consider this an experiment.

If you click on the book cover, you can go to Amazon and order His Obsession, Her Submission Free today and Friday.

What is the story about?

Since high school, wealthy, powerful Daniel Stoddard’s one obsession was to possess Kristy Collins as his submissive. He now has the power to take what he wants.

When Kristy goes to her high school reunion, she expects to see geeky Danny Stoddard – the brainy kid with severe acne, who looked years younger than his classmates. While she knew he was now successful and rich, she had no idea he had grown into an incredibly handsome and sexy man, who isn’t shy about taking what he wants. What he wants is Kristy.