Thursday, February 16, 2012

Legend of the Raperbeast,
Portal Home

The Legend of the Raperbeast is my best seller. It is a twisted erotic tale of a Alison, who falls into anther world and is forced to mate with the terrifying raperbeast - a man-like creature that needs a willing woman to reproduce.

The story is actually a metaphor for how civilization has treated women throughout the years.

I have decided to tell the rest of Alison's story and what happens to her when she is given the chance to escape the raperbeast. Of course, she can't escape the beasts completely, as they've accomplished what they've set out to do by impregnating her. They've also accomplished their second goal - they've turned her into a Myra, which is a woman who is sexually insatiable.

She finds she will do anything to get what she craves, even if it means returning to the raperbeast and being their beast-slut.

You can read about it in "The Legend of the Rapberbeast, Portal Home."

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