Friday, February 24, 2012

PayPal - The Internet Censor

I just received the email from Smashwords, informing contributors we must remove erotica stories with specific story lines - such as rape and incest.

I couldn't help but think of several books I've read by mainstream romance writer, Johanna Lindsey, where the leading man rapes the leading lady. One I recall involved a pirate, another was a viking raider.

I went ahead and removed about 5 of my titles, as I'm not sure which ones cross the Paypal line, and I don't want to put Smashwords in jeopardy, as Paypal can do some nasty damage to the company.

For now, look for my books at Amazon, yet not sure what will happen to my books there and at Barnes and Noble.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised - not when GOP contenders for the presidency are talking about making birth control illegal and Rick Santorum insist sex is just for having babies.

Even if you don't read erotica, this censorship and political shift is chilling.

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