Sunday, May 20, 2012

Love Me or Hate Me

In my last post I discussed how a reviewer loved my story, Masked. Sadly, the same reviewer rather hated my newest (and most popular) story, Breeding the Princess.

Tasty Cake wrote, "this was a really stupid dull story this was a waste of money the ending was awful this was one of the worst books ive read in a while"     Ouch.

I might be feeling really awful about now, except for an earlier reviewer I received from  MidnightAtticReader, who wrote: "An imaginative short story with a sweet ending. I loved the characters! The idea for this story could have been used for a much longer, full-length story, but I felt the story was nicely encapsulated as it is, without feeling rushed. Nice quick read." 

I would like to point out, I do not know these two reviewers, nor have I ever contacted them, other than mentioning them on this blog. Both have reviewed more than one of my stories.

My feelings aren't hurt nor am I annoyed with Tasty Cake, because I totally get how my stories will not appeal to all readers. I think this is especially true with erotica.

I have a friend who reads my stories - yet I try to guide her to specific titles, that I think she will like. She happened to love Breeding the Princess, yet I am fairly sure she would hate The Bargain - which happened to receive a five star over on Goodreads. Also from a reviewer who I do not know personally, nor have ever contacted.

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