Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cost of Doing Business

I met a writer at a recent book fair I attended, and we started talking about Smashwords, one of the distributors I use for my eBooks. This particular writer refuses to use Smashwords, because she doesn't want them taking a percentage of her sales, plus she resents the fact you aren't allowed to sell the files they create on your own website.

While I would make more money publishing directly to Barnes and Noble, like I do for Amazon, I don't really resent the portion Smashwords keeps. After all, there is a cost of doing business. Plus, I don't blame Smashwords for being pissy about using their software to create an  eBook file, and then sell it elsewhere, without compensating Smashwords. That seems fair to me, plus it is not that difficult to create a file to submit to the other venues. 

If you want to sell files directly from your website or blog, there is always Tradebit. Of course, they also expect a percentage.

After all, there is a cost of doing business, and there are no free rides. ride....sounds kinda erotic.

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