Friday, January 27, 2012

When a Sexual Submissive Goes Online to Find a Master

My newest book, Internet Master was actually written about eleven years ago, back in the day when I spent a lot of time surfing through BDSM chat rooms and participating in online role playing.

Back in the day there were some interesting chat rooms over at Yahoo, one I enjoyed was the Rape Room.  Not especially politically correct, but I actually met some nice folks, and I know of a few that went on to meet in real life.

I stopped going to the chat rooms when they started enabling voice chat - as I really liked the text chat for role playing. Voice chat was too intrusive, IMO.

I learned something very interesting in the Rape Room -  female rape fantasy is definitely VERY different from real rape and the rape fantasy of many men out there.

In the old days, two chatters could create a scene - with one person writing his part and the other writing her part. It was like writing erotica, yet I was only able to write my character's part, and had no control over what happened to my character by the other writer.

I soon learned some of the other "Writers" wanted to do some pretty disgusting stuff, such as pee or shit on the other person, as they were forcing the person to submit. As I mentioned earlier, not my thing. If I ever came across a writer who took the story that way, my character suddenly got super powers, and ended up kicking his butt.

The story of Internet Master was inspired by my experiences in the sex chat rooms. And you may notice the writing style is a bit different from how I write today - but I only made minor changes before publishing. It is already at Smashwords, and should be at Amazon by this weekend.

I hope you enjoy the story.

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