Monday, January 23, 2012

I've a Thing for Butts

When I have spare time, I like to read the free erotica short stories over on Smashwords. It is interesting to see how other writers approach erotica. As the old clich̩ says Рdifferent strokes for different folks.

You won’t find my characters wearing diapers, indulging in golden showers or sitting at the bottom of an outhouse waiting to glimpse some lovely, preparing to use the facility. I find nothing sexy about potty play so I can’t write about it.

While I will venture into the step-brother and step-sister sex, and step-mom and step-son – I have difficulty writing about the daddy daughter tryst. I just can’t go there, yet there are plenty of writers that do, so readers who want that type of erotica will find lots available.

Of course, I do have a step-brother who is quite hot...and there was this one time we kinda sorta did it. Well, to be honest, there was nothing sorta about it. He nailed me once during a summer vacation at our family's mountain cabin. When I say nailed, I mean he was pretty forceful about the whole thing....but in was my fault...hmmmm....perhaps that will be the storyline in my next story. 

I do find my stories tend to lean toward the dominate-submissive storyline…and heavy on the anal…not sure where all that is coming from. :)

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