Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Is Whatever Her Stepbrother Wants biographical?

 Biographical? Kinda – sorta. I will confess my stepbrother nailed me at our family’s mountain cabin, under similar circumstances – yet our encounter was a one week thing – nothing quite as torrid as what happens to my female character in the story.

And yes, I was 18 at the time. He really did take my virginity as in the story – and like the character, he gave me the chance to say no, which I declined.

You have to understand, he and I never lived with each other – he was always my older stepbrother that I was crushing on – and I suppose I have him to thank for my writing career. My first erotic stories were all about him.

He really was pissed when he found my stories. Actually, the reason he was going through my stuff while I was in the shower (something I don’t mention in the story) was that he thought I was smoking pot with my friends, and he was looking for my stash! LOL

Ironically, it was my father who asked my stepbrother to go up to the cabin a week early, to check on me, to make sure I didn’t get into any trouble. Dad had no idea his stepson would be initiating his innocent daughter – breaking me in a not so gentle fashion.

Actually – the part of the story that takes place at the cabin is very factual. Yet, I don’t think he actually wanted to get me pregnant, but he did refuse to wear a condom.

What does Sam think about my dear stepbrother? He rather likes him.

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