Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Looking For Romance

Admittedly my stories tend to go with the Dom and Submissive theme - often taking my characters to the dark side.

Yet, I resisted going that way in my most recent release, One Time Call Girl.  I actually started the manuscript over ten years ago, and found it when cleaning out my files. I decided to finish the story, and avoided the temptation to turn my leading man into a Dom who holds down his sub as he takes her forcibly up the ass.

The characters in this story are a bit more gentle - yet the scenes are still steamy.

The story is about Andrea Mitchell, a feature writer for the local newspaper who befriends an infamous madam while doing a story. Like many woman, one of Andrea's secret fantasies is to be a call girl, servicing the needs of some sexy and wealthy hunk.

Andrea has been a widow for about a year, when our story begins - and the last time she had sex was with her husband. Her friend, the madam, makes her an offer to earn some extra money while acting out her secret sexual fantasy.

The potential client is hard to resist, and Andrea accepts the deal. The week with her client doesn't turn out as anyone expects - yet there are no regrets.

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