Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vampire Sex

Some writers experience writer's block - I get creative overload. I walked away from my western to complete the Barhaven's Vampire Trilogy, which has been haunting my psyche for some time.

The trilogy is available in eBook format. They are all available at Smashwords. You will find the first two in the series at Amazon, with the third popping up by tomorrow. I've published all three at Barnes and Noble, yet none are yet showing up.  Other eBook venues, such as Apple, should get the books in a few weeks, because I use Smashwords distribution for those sites.

Begin with Seduction, which tells the story of Caroline Barhaven who returns to her family home, only to discover she is hunted by two vampires - for  two different reasons.

The second of the series is Lust, which tells of Caroline's dark journey of sexual adventure - where pleasure and pain becomes one.

The final book in the series is Surrender, where Caroline learns to master her new gifts, while surrendering to her new life as a Creature of Lust.

The story won't end there. I am planning a fourth book, which is not part of the trilogy, but tells the story of the Demon Victor and Vampire Seri.

For all you erotic vampire fans out there, I hope you enjoy the books!

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