Monday, April 23, 2012

Breeding Jenna

It is interesting how some stories just take off like wildfire. This past weekend I released my newest book, Breeding Jenna. It is an erotic tale of a man determined to force his stepsister to marry him.

It is selling well at Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes and Noble - selling immediately after it hit the cyber bookshelves.

Unlike some of my darker - more brutal tales - this one is bittersweet.

The story begins after the Civil War. James hates his stepfather, Ben Parker, and for good reason - but after James' mother dies, Parker needs his stepson's help, and persuades him to stay by offering up the ranch.

Years pass - the stepfather dies - yet the old man double crosses his stepson, and leaves the ranch to James' stepsister, Jenna Parker.

One way James can get the ranch is to marry Jenna, but she is not cooperative. James then decides he'll force the issue by putting a baby in her belly - which he is determined to do, even if he has to tie her up.

Look for Breeding Jenna at your eBook store. 

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