Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hot or Disturbing?

This past week I did my first free promotion on Amazon, giving away His Obsession, Her Submission.

I looked over on the Amazon UK site and noticed they listed four reviews. Three of them were four-star, and one was a two-star.

I wasn’t really upset that the reader disliked the story – and that she found some elements of the story especially uncomfortable.

I don’t know about other erotica authors, but the focus of my stories isn’t necessarily to get the reader hot. I want to make readers think – push their limits, make them ask questions about their own sexuality and what they find uncomfortable.

I’ve even had a few readers say they really enjoyed a specific story – yet point out it was a bit lacking in the erotica. The Raperbeast series was a bit like that.  When writing that story, my intent was not to get the reader all worked up over the idea of having sex with the raperbeast – the story was really about the manipulation of women, and exploiting their fears.

When you read my stories – don’t assume I think the characters’ actions are necessarily acceptable.

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